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Mediocre Athlete of the Month: December 2009

Posted by hilariousandhandsomesportsguys on January 7, 2010


Name: Jerome Harrison

Team: Cleveland BrownsPosition: Running Back

Reason for break out: Jamal Lewis injury/age/lack of competitive fire for this pitiful team; Mangini deciding to play him

Forecast: Drafted high in many 2010 fantasy drafts only to wind up being the teams 3rd string back for no explicable reason

While Agent Zero did all he could to win my inaugural award, I checked the Mediocre Athlete bylaws and it just wouldn’t work. According to the rulings in place, “For a super star to receive such a distinguished honor, his level of play ON THE FIELD must be that of or less than Jared Jeffries, Julio Lugo, or Mark Clayton.” Unfortunately for Tiger Woods, Shaq, and yes, even you Gil, no where does it mention off the field conduct. So you guys are ineligible for my award. Well, Shaq, you’re actually an option due to your gut and overall irrelevance. But I’m getting off point.

 Jerome Harrison, a 4th year running back out of Washington State, had done less than nothing with his career. But the opportunity presented itself and Harrison made the most of it in the last 4 games of the season. Harrison was given the starting gig in week 14, and here are the numbers he was able to put up:

week 14          9 yds, 0 TD
week 15:   286 yds, 3 TD
week 16:   148 yds, 1 TD
week 17:   127 yds, 1 TD

That’s right, 5 TD’s in 4 games, including that monster game in Week 15. That’s 5 times as many TD’s as he’s had in his entire career up unto that point (I’ll do the math for you…1 TD in 3 and a half seasons). I was going to make another fantasy complaint but I realized I did that earlier and I’d be reduntant. Regardless, Harrison made a name for himself and for the Browns who wound up winning all 4 games. Winning those games probably  saved his coach’s job (which probably no one but the coach himself is happy about) so Harrison may have himself a starting gig in 2010.

So here’s to you Jerome! The first recipient of my Mediocre award. May you savor this moment for the rest of your life. Your grandkids will thank me for my wisdom and generosity.


One Response to “Mediocre Athlete of the Month: December 2009”

  1. John said

    Nice choice, I’m going to enjoy these awards. Also, thanks to Harrison for my fantasy football title, good work. That picture with the small head is hilarious.

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